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Reformation Heritage Lectures

Robert Rosin, October 18, 2012, “Luther, Learning, and the Liberal Arts.”

Kent Burreson, October 29, 2013, “Luther the Liturgist: Conservative or Radical?”

Dan Siedell, February 5, 2015, “Image and the Word: Art and the Lutheran Reformation” 
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Mary Jane Haemig, November 12, 2016, “Luther and Prayer”

Sarah Hinlicky Wilson, Feb 7, 2017, “Remaking the World with Law and Gospel”
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Andy Bartelt, 29 August 2017, “After 500 Years, Does Lutheranism Still Matter?”
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Robert Kolb, 8 Feb 2018, “Living as a Christian: Wittenberg Style”
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Steve Paulson, 2 Oct 2018, “Telling it Like It Is: The 500th Celebration of Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation of 1518”
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Mark Mattes, February 18, 2020, “Luther and Beauty”
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Hoffmann Lectures

James Wetzstein, 20 February 2018, “Conversations on Faith and Life: The Provisional Nature of Truth.”

Kent Burreson and Rhoda Schuler, 15 October 2019, “Remembering the Future: Exploring and Ancient Model of Making Disciples for the 21st Century”
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