All students at Concordia take two theology courses (7-8 credits) as part of the traditional General Education curriculum. One course must be from the Introductory Category and one course from the Intermediate Category. Students enrolled in professional church work programs will meet the general education requirements for theology through the minor in Lutheran Theology.


Students with little or no background in Christianity take THL 100 “Biblical Heritage of Christianity” for 4 credits. Students with some background (who are active in a Christian church or went to a Christian school) may take THL 206 “New Testament” for 3 credits.


Students who have taken one of the introductory courses may register for an intermediate course for 4 credits. If students lack the prerequisite introductory course, they must have the permission of the instructor to enroll in an intermediate course. The following courses are in the intermediate category:

  • THL 310 “Bible and Archaeology”
  • THL 320 “Global Christianity”
  • THL 325 “Goodness, Justice, and Christian Faith”
  • THL 336 “The Problem of Evil”
  • THL 342 “Athens and Jerusalem: Philosophy and Christianity”
  • THL 344 “Martin Luther: Saint and Sinner”
  • THL 351 “Jesus and Muhammad”
  • THL 353 “Varieties of Belief”
  • THL 356 “One Nation Under God?: Christianity and Politics in America”
  • THL 357 “Christianity and the Media”
  • THL 371 “Mission of God”