The Prayer of your Professors as the School Year Begins


Lord God, Giver, Defender, and Redeemer:

We confess that our heritage of learning
has not removed our fear of ourselves,
has not served the best welfare of all,
has not always glorified Your creative work.

We pray for our university, Concordia Saint Paul:

Forgive us by your grace when
in the midst of enlightenment we do not see Christ, the Light,
in the world of ideas we lose our ideals,
in the school of learning we close our minds,
in the pursuit of wisdom we are imprudent.

Fill us with the freedom of Your Spirit
in the search for knowledge,
in the quest for justice,
in the stewardship of our talents.

Prepare us for teaching with the gifts of
honor mixed with the meekness of Christ,
courage matched with trust in your love,
energy sparked by the zeal of the Spirit.

We ask that you give us courage to face all our tasks
with trust in Christ, our Teacher. Amen.

Adapted from The Lutheran Book of Prayer (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1970).