1581 Concordia

Book of Concord

On Tuesday, prior to the Vern Gundermann Reformation Heritage Lecture, Dr. Suzanne Hequet announced that the Book of Concord in Concordia St. Paul’s Special Collections is indeed an original Concordia.  There were three families of original editions published in Dresden: 1579, 1580, and 1581. Concordia’s is the latter 1581 version.  It belonged to the descendants of Joannes Hunnenberger, one of the signers of the Book of Concord. It was brought by the Saxon Lutherans who immigrated to America and came into possession of the university perhaps at its founding 125 years ago.

As the volume records the 8100 signers, Dr. Hequet also announced a project involving student volunteers to document the signatures and make them available online in a searchable database.