Majors and Minors

Major in Theology

Select a Major in Theology if you want to study the Scriptures and Lutheran Theology. Students often go on to seminary with a Major in Theology.

Major in Christian Ministry

Select a Major in Christian Ministry if you want to serve in a parish of the Lutheran Church as a DCE or a DCO. Students further their preparations with a full-time internship between their 3rd and 4th years.


Broaden your perspective with a minor in
Biblical Languages
Lutheran Theology
(Islamic Studies)
(Urban Studies)

() under development


Outside the classroom, faculty members invite you to join them in the
Hoffmann Mentoring Initiative
Reformation Heritage lectures
Hippos Archaeological Excavation

Faculty and Staff

mentors, experts, resources

Explore your faith …
     Engage the city …
          Serve those in need …
               Meet your theology requirements at Concordia …

For more info, contact Prof. Koschmann.

Part of the Hoffmann Mentoring Initiative








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